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Do you want an eye-catching and professional-looking website people will enjoy visiting? We can design an engaging website that will help your business or brand grow and reach its full potential – from start to finish. 

But we don’t stop there: Our experienced in-house SEO copywriters can work closely with the talented web design team to create a superb website for you with a stronger brand appeal, as well as expertly crafted and SEO-optimised website content. 

By designing a site that looks and performs superbly, we aim to build your online presence and brand. Our integrated approach enables us to deliver faster, more effective digital marketing results for your brand or business with better visibility, higher organic traffic and more leads, sales or signups.

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Let’s Bring Your Brand’s Personality to Life!

We know that your website is the first contact you make with a prospective customer and it has to communicate your brand in a positive and powerful way. 

That is why we take the time to get to thoroughly understand your business objectives to ensure we fully satisfy your commercial objectives.

This unique partnership model has helped our clients continuously grow their businesses online and has been the main reason most of them have stayed with us for over five years.

The NaijaCopy web design and digital marketing team are truly passionate, innovative professionals and – and we also like to think of ourselves as fun, creative people, so feel free to get in touch and check out our work.

What Do Your Target Customers Want to See on Your Website?

When people browse websites, they want to locate what they’re looking for quickly and easily. They want a design that is easy on the eye and content that is useful to them. Businesses must leverage features people value most on their websites to keep audiences’ attention.
These reflect the quality of our work at NaijaCopy.

Brand-Focused Design

We will create a website that screams brand and identity – ensuring brand colour and visual harmony and consistency.

At NaijaCopy, we will help you through every step of the process, so your business stays relevant and competitive online. From start-ups to brands new to Africa, we are at your service.

Simple Navigation

Every website needs navigation, but many forget that it should be an integral part of the user experience. Determining appropriate content areas for navigation is critical to a seamless user experience.

Strong, Logical Website Architecture

Our designers have years of experience in website planning and design. We understand that a clean and efficient site architecture is the foundation of a great website build. And we know how to make your site look good, load fast, and interact seamlessly with your users.

Scannable and Well-Formatted Content

Web users tend to skim through content rather than read each and every word from top to bottom. The average visitor will scan key sections of the web page and quickly conclude if the content is useful to them or not.

At NaijaCopy, we take buyer psychology into consideration when planning and designing SEO-optimised website content for you.

SEO-Friendly Elements

Google and other search engines cannot accurately rank your site if it is not SEO-friendly.

The result is, you won’t be able to attract potential visitors through search engines, which reduces your organic traffic and overall conversions.

Responsive Design

We will ensure your brand or business website designed is optimised for all connected screen devices and adjusts optimally.

From smartphones to desktops, or even computerised watches, your website performance will provide the same great experience for everyone who visits.

Visually-Appealing Images

The best-looking websites contain authentic, relevant and visually appealing images that complement their brand and overall appearance.

Fast-Load Times

Nothing peeves an Internet user more than a slow-loading website.

Slow loading speed is a big factor why many people leave a website quickly (bounce rate). For good usability, ensuring that your website loads within four to six seconds is important. Additionally, it can give you a boost in search engine rankings.

How It Works

At NaijaCopy, we provide creative, outstanding, and SEO-optimised websites for a range of clients – from SMEs to recognisable brands, government agencies to NGOs. Creating an engaging website with a rich user experience follows certain procedures and having a clear grasp of the steps will help you get the most out of your website build. So here’s a short walk-through of the process:

Template Design & Page Planning

We will sketch out the elements on each page of your new website in order to show you how it can look and flow. It involves deciding on the overall design architecture, main pages and subsections, content flow and navigation style, colour scheme, and creating the header image, background image, content areas, side-menus etc.

Engaging & SEO-Optimised Website Copy

Good content will make a big difference in your site. You’re in luck! NaijaCopy is a full-service creative firm that also provides expert SEO copywriting (a separate department) as a distinct, paid offering. You will get excellent content that meets the strict guidelines of our web design team, thereby increasing your site's relevance in search engine results.

Creative & Responsive Website Build

We will maximise these resources to build a beautiful, user-friendly website that will transform your brand. Our premium design team will create a website that exudes professionalism. We'll tailor it to meet your brand or business needs and include all the essential bells and whistles to give your online presence the edge it deserves.
We Also Have Video Animation Options for You

There are many animation styles to choose from, and the one you go with will depend on your budget, the look you are going for, and what you want to achieve in the end.

Here’s a quick guide on the different types of animated video marketing content we can create for you, your brand and/or your message.

Animated explainer video

Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to get your product or service across in a fun, engaging and memorable way.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is a medium of storytelling that uses static images, which are drawn on a whiteboard with an animated hand. They are a fantastic way to express your message, explain and educate.

Animated infographics

Animated infographics are a combination of words, graphics, and moving images designed to get your message across in a dynamic way.

They are a powerful tool for communicating data in a way that grabs attention, doesn’t discriminate and delivers an impactful fact.

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