The Secret Behind Compelling Copywriting

Copywriting is the foundation of marketing and advertising. It is an art and a science and can be an unbelievably powerful part of your business. A good copy needs to compel and convince the customer the target reader to take the desired action. It must be able to describe your idea or product as a charm!

A good copywriter knows how to use every word on the page to captivate and connect with their audience, encouraging them to stay on the site for longer. They are able to empathise with the reader. They are skilled at recognising and elevating products or services that offer something entirely new. They understand how and where to employ language to provoke action, demand change, and persuade buyers to act on their behalf.

What words inspire the reader to stay longer or to click that link? Well, it’s all in the story. When the words on a page communicate directly with your reader, they connect with their emotions. The right copy can bring your readers to tears or have them dreaming of far off places. On the other hand, the wrong choice of words will alienate your audience and impact your ability to drive traffic, leads and sales.

The secret to compelling copywriting is focusing on the solution rather than the product. Here’s how:

Grab the audience’s attention from the first line

Every writer knows that the first line is a make-or-break moment—interesting and engaging, or dull and deadly.

But why do our first lines matter? It’s because they are critical for enticing people to read the rest of what you write—and, more importantly, to take action.

Great writers know how to speak directly to a reader’s subconscious in the first few lines. They are able to create a hunger that makes the reader want more and more of what they are writing.

The secret behind compelling copywriting4
The secret behind compelling copywriting2

Craft an arresting headline

A headline is the very first thing that your reader will see. If you can create a headline that makes your reader want to keep reading, there’s a good chance they’ll read the whole article. The headline has to be intriguing and catchy, but it also needs to convey the essence of your message.

A great headline can do wonders. It can catch eyeballs and persuade the reader to click through or at least read on.

Always FOCUS on the reader

Copywriting has always been about the reader. If you want to create compelling content that gets read and shared, you need to focus on making it all about the reader. You need to keep your reader in mind above anything else. You’re crafting a document for them, not for you.

If your target reader doesn’t understand what it is you want them to do, then it doesn’t matter that you got it right. The quicker you can get out of your own head and into theirs, the better your copy will be.

Even though there’s a formula for writing a winning blog post, knowing how to write well isn’t enough. Your copy (starting with the headline) has to speak directly to your audience—and that takes research and understanding what they want and need.

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Sell the benefits, not the features

When it comes to telling people what you do, it is much better to focus on the benefits and not the features. Selling customers what they need and how they can benefit absolutely is about highlighting the benefits and giving reasons why.

People buy benefits. They don’t buy because your product has a great feature. They don’t buy because you have the lowest price. People buy because they want to get some benefit. That benefit may be solving a problem, meeting a need, or improving their lives in some way.

Provide compelling proofs

Copywriting is about communicating persuasively to your audience. The ultimate aim of copywriting (and marketing in general) is to open up a dialogue with your target audience so that you can sell them your product.

You need to keep your reader in mind above anything else. You’re crafting a document for them, not for you

There are many ways to communicate with people in an effective manner, but one of the least used and probably the most powerful tool is proof. Proof means giving evidence that your product or idea will solve their problem, as well as appealing to the emotional side of the viewer.

Connect emotionally

When creating great content and writing effective copy, you want readers to feel like it’s them you’re talking to, not an audience of faceless people.

The best copywriting connects emotionally with the reader. To do this you have to know your readers and be able to write in a way that will be appealing to them. It’s not only about pushing out more and more sales messages, it’s about connecting with your reader on an emotional level as well.

Effective copywriting addresses the heart and emotions of the reader. It plays on readers` emotions to create a bond that lasts and triggers desired actions or behaviours.

Finally, a strong call to action

The purpose of a call-to-action is to move the prospects from a state of casual interest to one of action. You can only succeed with a call to action if your copy plays on the desires of your prospects or your brand positioning so that it compels them to take that action.

Your CTA is an integral part of your sales funnel and it should be included in your on your landing page and even on your product or service. It should be both specific and targeted. It should also come after a strong explanation of why your solution is so effective.

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