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We Do Amazing Stuff with PowerPoint

A professional, powerful presentation is a critical component of many businesses. It’s the first point of contact for potential clients, investors and partners. We can help you get your ideas across in the most effective, convincing way.

The NaijaCopy team includes a group of talented individuals who develop amazing PowerPoint presentations. We design and edit slides and infographics for our clients to help them communicate their message effectively.

Our presentation designers are masters of their craft, having perfected the art of the story; clear, concise, and compelling.

We do amazing stuff with PowerPoint. We’re professional, creative and dedicated. We’re your reliable, local presentation design partners in Nigeria.

powerpoint presentation design NaijaCopy2
powerpoint presentation design NaijaCopy
Why Our PowerPoint Presentation Designs Pack A Punch

When you need to win over a crowd and make a lasting impression, PowerPoint presents the perfect medium for doing this. However, in order to have an impact with your audience, it is important that you find a way to grab their attention immediately.

We have fine-tuned the design of PowerPoint presentations not only to make those presentation slides come out perfect, but also to make your visual data as clear and impactful as possible to your prospective partners or clients.

PowerPoint doesn’t have to be boring and outdated. Our presentation templates are designed to capture your audience’s attention and engage them in your message.

Our 3-Step Process For A Great PPT Presentation Design for Your Business

No matter your business niche or industry, our 3-step process for presentation designs at NaijaCopy are time-tested and
guaranteed to deliver a high-quality presentation that will make your message memorable and compelling to your audience


At NaijaCopy, the first thing we think about is clarity. We will help you organise your ideas clearly, simply and easily. We’ll help you craft the content of your presentation so it is memorable and meaningful for your audience, which is key to maximising impact.


Your presentation will flow clearly, and your audience won’t have to struggle to understand the point of each slide. The slides should tell a story and communicate visually.

Presentations that are well-designed inspire trust in the ideas presented. It’s easier to promote your idea when it looks polished, professional, and impressive.


Whether you’re making a presentation for a big event or addressing a crowded sales meeting, one thing is certain: your audience will judge your performance first on how well you deliver. Wondering how top keynote speakers wow audiences? We can help you smoothen the rough edges.

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Simply call us on (+234)708 854 7450 or email at info@naijacopy.com to get started. Alternatively, click the button below to get a fast, friendly and no-obligation quote.

Our Presentation Philosophy is Quite Simple…

Capture the hearts and interest of your audience.

The client is the focus of all we do here at NaijaCopy. We will work with you closely from the initial brief to the final product, ensuring that we are capturing your vision exactly how you conceptualised it. The result is a branded visual message that will leave your audience captivated and in awe.

NaijaCopy caters to the needs of clients in many industries. We design creative PowerPoint presentations for businesses, churches, government and non-profit organizations.

Our team of creative brand writers and designers are ready to meet and share out-of-the-box ideas with you. Our end goal always is to create stunning custom slides for your brand message, guaranteed to capture the attention of your target audience and sustain their interest.


What do you need to get started?

What we need from you is simple: a summary of what you want to achieve with your presentation and any draft content you have. If you cannot perfectly articulate it, no problem — we’ll help you figure it out.

We’ll also require you to provide us with the items below – if you have them.

  • Brand logo
  • Brand colour(s)
  • Brand fonts
  • Brand guidelines
  • Any specific brand graphic elements you use (shapes, icons etc.)
  • Any custom images
  • Any draft presentation content you may have
  • Any samples of design presentations you love
  • Any other elements or style you might want us to incorporate in your PowerPoint presentation design.

How long does it take?

Our designers work around the clock at your service. We can finish a low-budget design in a couple of days and a pricey one in 3 weeks. A mid-budget one will be finished in about a week.

I have a tight deadline, can you help?

We know it can be difficult to find a reliable, cost-effective PowerPoint design company that meets your schedule needs. Luckily, we provide our clients with the flexibility to send us last-minute projects—within 24 hours—and 85% of our jobs are completed within 48 hours. We go above and beyond to ensure we meet your deadline!

Can you work within my companies brand guidelines?

Sure! We can work within your brand guidelines and do a design that matches your company’s look – logo, colours, fonts, etc. We follow your company’s brand guidelines in every slide design that we create.

If you don’t have any existing brand guidelines, no problem. We are skilled at harmonising the style of your current marketing and website elements or creating a fitting style from the scratch.

Will I be able to edit my presentation after it's been designed?

Yes. All of our graphics include editable text, so if your business changes, dates change, or font preferences change you can easily make changes in the PowerPoint file we create for you.

Can you design infographics?

Yes! We incorporate infographics to reinforce your brand messaging. There is a complete range of design elements that can be used in your PowerPoint presentation design. We can design charts, diagrams and other similar information in the context of an infographic in your PowerPoint presentation.