Premium Customised Blogwriting

…Tailored to your target readers & brand voice

At NaijaCopy, we provide high quality, tailored blog writing services for businesses and organisations in Nigeria that want it done right!

Our highly-skilled professional Nigerian custom blog writers can blog on different topics that are bang on with your niche market or industry – from business to fashion, sports to education, hospitality to aviation, NGOs to FMCGs etc.

Custom Blogwriting NaijaCopy2
Custom Blogwriting NaijaCopy
We Provide Effective Content Funnelling

Every blog post will be fresh, unique, current, relevant, compelling, and useful for your identified target readers. We help you save time by providing effective content funnelling.

And oh, we ensure your unique brand voice and nuances are unmistakable in our blog posts for you – without letting them get in the way of the core messages.

We always know how to balance things up nicely.  So you’ve got nothing to worry about and everything to smile about.

How Can Regular Custom Blog Posts Help Your

Business Marketing Objectives?

1. Fresh content will increase the online brand visibility of your business

Posting regular content is a great way to increase your visibility in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Fresh content gets crawled more frequently, letting your prospective customers see your latest offerings more often.

2. Custom post with targeted competitive keywords will improve your brand’s SEO

Keywords are like signposts pointing searchers to your website. Targeted, competitive keywords help you rank higher in search engines—giving you more visibility and more traffic.

They also help prospective customers land on your website when they search “quality dry cleaning services in Nigeria,” “reliable plumbing services,” or “affordable takeout food in Ikeja,” for example.

3. Regularly writing on current industry-relevant topics will help build your brand’s industry authority and reputation

By writing on relevant industry-based blogs, your business can build its brand image and reputation, in addition to reaching out to customers, prospects and other key players in the industry.

4. Unique and exciting content is popular with social media users, and will potentially drive traffic to your site

Blog content that is engaging and original will reward your site with loyal readers who comment and share. This can help you increase traffic to your website, as well as receiving sales leads.

5. Blog posts that are fresh and helpful to target readers can be effective sales tools to convert them into buying customers

A well-written blog post is a useful tool in your online marketing arsenal. When used strategically, it can help you to connect with your target audience in a meaningful way and to generate leads. The blog posts we write for you at NaijaCopy are a combination of informative and conversational content and style.

Why choose NaijaCopy over other blogwriting agencies in Nigeria?
Why Our Service Is Unique

A totally customised experience!

So much more than just words
We believe that every brand has a story to tell. At NaijaCopy, we think that brands should be able to talk in their own voice without looking generic or sounding generic. That is why our bloggers write in a way that readers can instantly tell who the brand behind them is.

Refreshingly Nigerian; very international

We understand cultural and linguistic nuances that can improve the success of your blog posts without sounding bland and colloquial
Each of our blog posts will be written by a well-skilled local writer with global experience who understands the cultural differences, as well as knows the linguistic subtleties that can improve your blog and keep it sounding original. Let us help you share what you've got to say globally.

Premium service

The best custom blog writing service at the best price in Nigeria
At NaijaCopy, our qualified team of professional copywriters will help you write regular, engaging blogs that both humans and Google love to read – which means you will be rewarded with high rankings and more traffic.

A focus on results

Every blog post delivers value
At NaijaCopy, we follow your requirements to the letter! Our custom blog writers know that with a standard blog post, you only get one chance for people to read your message; if it isn't well-written or interesting enough to grab your reader's attention, the chance will be missed. So, every post is written with the goal of entertaining and informing readers while still fitting your overall blog content strategy.
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Simply call us on (+234)708 854 7450 or email at to get started. Alternatively, click the button below to get a fast, friendly and no-obligation quote.

Ready to Start Your Next Blog Writing Project?

Good blogwriting is like magic – it takes the most boring idea and makes it interesting, even exciting. That’s what we do at NaijaCopy. Let’s help you:

       Communicate your ideas more powerfully
       Shoot up your Google ranking & website traffic
       Increase your conversion rates

Got Questions About Our Blog Writing Services?

How can you write about MY business?

For starters, we’ll interview you to learn all about your business. We’ll consider your individual strengths, goals, and approaches to your business and the customers you serve. With this knowledge upfront, we can create a blog post that speaks directly to your target audience. The best thing about this is that it won’t be generic – it will sound like it came straight from you!

Will we be tied into a contract?

We do not tie our clients into any contracts for services. After you receive the first sample custom blog post, you will be able to tell if you like the content or not before you decide to continue moving forward with us. If you do, we will ask for a small deposit so we can formally start and agree upon a payment structure – often a month-to-month basis.

How long will each article be?

The length of each article you’ll receive with your custom blog posts project is 100% up to you. The article will be created to match your specifications entirely. Typically, a blog post should be no shorter than 600 words and no longer than 1500 words.

Do you check each article before it goes live?

We absolutely do! We work with our clients in REAL time, so for each article you hire us to write, we proof it thoroughly for writing quality and readability before it goes live.

Can we check each article before it goes live?

Yes. We’ll send you FULL article drafts to approve, so you know that what’s published on your site is exactly the content you want your audience to view.

When will we start seeing results?

The time it takes to start seeing results from our 1-month custom blog posts project is completely based on your current traffic. We use your specific keywords for each post, so we can drive targeted people to your website or landing page. After your first post, it can take anywhere between 24 hours and one week for Google to rank a new blog post.

However, our unique system will continually check Google and other search engines for you so that you only need to wait about a week anytime you publish a new article. After this period, you can expect about 200 – 1000 visitors from Google alone. You can expect the results to significantly improve within shorter periods as we write more blog posts for you.